The Scroll Live Audio Visual Performance

The Scroll
Live Audio Visual Performance

Premiered at Darkroom Festival, part of Deptford X Fringe

September 2018

Bombatropics August September

VJ/Live Visuals

August / September 2018

Live Performers Meeting
VJ Set

June 2018

VJ/Live Visuals

May 2018

Moon Zero / Berlin Denovali Night
Live Visuals

May 2018
Moon Zero - 'Sunk Cost'
Video Premiered on Cyclic Defrost
'Sunk Cost' features on 'Relationships Between Inner & Outer Space' available on Denovali Records
 April 2018

Moon Zero / Ruhrtriiiennale Festival

Moon Zero / Ruhrtriiiennale Festival
Live Visuals

August 2017

Chiminyo / We Are Now Festival
Live Visuals

September 2017
VJ/Live Visuals

August 2017

LYT Stage design

Stage/LX/Video Design
Lewisham Youth Theatre, Catford Broadway

July 2017

vj // JuJu's Bar // WeAreNow Launch Party

We Are Now Festival Launch
JuJu's Bar & Stage

May 2017

Filter Dread
VJ / Live Visuals

April 2017

Bishi / Spring Walk Performance

Bishi / Sping Walk Performance 
with Emergency Exit Arts & Output Arts

Lighting Design

Goose Green, London
March, 2017
Live AV Performance // VJ London // Iklectic

January 2017 


VJ / Live Visuals

Zuli, Karen Gwyer, Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniaway
Herein Lies* Gaika* Mumdance*, Logos* & Shapednoise*
*not pictured

September 2016

Colours and Shapes

Colours and Shapes - Live AV, projection mapping syphon recording

Dennis Morris: PiL First Issue to Metal Box Opening

Dennis Morris: PiL First Issue to Metal Box Opening

Andrew Weatherall, Skinny Girl Diet, Dave Dorell & Craig Richards

VJ / Live Visuals
March 2016 
Bruised Skies - Come Down 

Another little experiment, this time with Bruised Skies' Come Down of his Record Guide

February 2016

February Experiments (Sounding - Pulse)

(Sounding - Pulse)

Working on a few different ideas and potential projects, this is a little experiment using an old Sounding recording, the are other experiments going up on my Vimeo account, there are other Sounding recordings on soundcloud

February 2016

Live AV Project

A Live AV Project (extract)

I have been slowly developing this project for a little while and is something I consider to be an ongoing exploration of sounds and colour. It was performed live at T-Chances, London, December 2015.  I failed to arrange documentation of it so this is a rehearsal performance. 

Recorded on an iPad in the ICA Theatre, London.
Lone Taxidermist / ICA / London Short Film Festival

Lighting Design

January 2016

'Bevan Rotation' music video for Moon Zero

'Bevan Rotation'
Video Commissioned for the release of 'S/T' by Moon Zero on Denovali Records, 25th September 2015

Video premiered on Echoes&Dust 25th September 2015


Young In Hong, In Her Dreams / ICA
February 2015

Lighting Design

Commisioned by Fig2
Choreography by Young In Hong, Sarah Louise Kristiansen & Eleanor Sikorski. 

Manipulation of Alvin Ailey's 'Revelations'

Manipulation of Alvin Ailey's 'Revelations'


Moribund Films

This is a project by moribund Films & Zoe Roberts that I did some audio recording and mixing for.

To Life is a combination of 3 short films, a karaoke song, an audio mix, youtube videos and various collaborations not necessarily glaring obvious. Beginning with an idea of the ‘un-extraordinary’ and a refusal of heroic characters moribund FILMS and scriptwriter Zoe Roberts worked together to create 3 shorts, Swarfega, Party For One and The Visit. These films are intercepted by a Karaoke song and collected images, sound and thoughts resulting in one film: TO LIFE.
moribund FILMS & Zoe Roberts

Denovali Festival, Essen 2014

Extract form Moon Zero set at Denovali Festival, Essen 2014
Moon Zero 
VJ / Live Visuals

November 2014

Lulu & Co Presentation at London Fashion Week SS15

Lulu & Co Presentation at London Fashion Week SS15

September 2014


Sounding InALand / Part Two

Sounding / InALand Part 2 / Limited Cassette Release (C15 / Limited to 25)

Part two of a piece of music written and recorded whilst located in the West Midlands, mastered in London. Written as a reflection of a place which includes field recordings and new organ explorations.
Artwork by Matt Thomas   Cassette Available HERE

How To Dress Well

How To Dress Well / ICA
June 2014


Maybe the Pub?

Video was produced for 'OMYW,SSYL FILM FESTIVAL and screened at Old School East 27th April 2014
For further information and to see the other selected films visit here

Artwork for Moon Zero EP 'Loss'

 Moon Zero Video "Lara Witchcraft"

Commisioned video for the release of 'Loss' 

Video Premiered on Inverted Audio 
Artwork for Moon Zero releases 'Loss' and 'Tombs' on Denovali Records

Visit here for more information and to buy the records (personally I think they are very good)


drums #4

Video was produced for 'OMYW,SSYL FILM FESTIVAL and screened at Trip Space Projects on 26/01/2014 
For further information and to see the other selected films visit here

Piano Works #3

Piano Works #3


çøµπ¨†´®µ¨ß^ç is a series of recordings produced using purely computer software, there are no plans to produce any physical releases or create a live show, I have produced a huge number of recordings and will upload them from time to time.

Smoke #1

Smoke #1

Moon Zero Video 'Endless Palms'

I got asked to produce a video for 'Endless Palms' by Moon Zero from the excellent EP 'Tombs',
I did this as a result. 

Piano Works #1

Piano Works #1
Two cameras are placed in an upright piano capturing both video and audio, immediately becoming a hindrance to how the piano is played and effecting the sound. These sounds become a part of the piece, and as the piano is used to attempt to move the dislodged cameras, forms the very structure of the piece.

Sounding - InALand (Part One)

Sounding / InALand Part 1 / Limited Cassette Release (C15 / Limited to 16)

Part one of a piece of music written and recorded whilst located in the West Midlands. Written as a reflection of a place which includes field recordings and new organ explorations.

Currently available exclusivly through Blackest Rainbow Records 


Lighting Design / Creative Assistant

Devised & Choreographed by Graham Ireland
Images by Edward Loy-Sin

City College
May 2012

Now That's What I Call Dance

Various Dance & Drama Productions

Lighting Design / Operator

Jan/Feb/March/April 2012

Deas & Denton Live Visuals

Live Visuals for Deas & Denton Live Shows November 2011 UK Tour

Newcastle / Edinburgh / Manchester / Bradford / Sheffield / Cardiff / Nottingham / Bristol
Images Taken at Sheffield Audacious Art Experiment Space

Forest Creature...

FOREST CREATURE is the audio-visual duo of Ben Moon and Richard Sides, hailing from Sheffield and London. Performing in near total darkness they pummel their audience with thumping beats, raging psychedelic synth, broken glitches and clicks. The duo went on hiatus around 2011.
I'd like to thank anyone and everyone who helped and supported us over the years. If you would like to look at our various releases there are still some available here

Site Gallery Youth Apprentice Sceme Project

Site Gallery Youth Apprentice Scheme Project
A Bit-flat
A Bit Flat is a collaborative sound and video project that was created for the web by a team of young apprentices during an intensive two week apprenticeship at Site Gallery. The project is a reworking of the music and spoken word web collaboration, In B Flat[] and was aimed at introducing young people to the relatively new movement of collaborative web art.

For more information on the project please visit


2021 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe
February 2010

Forest Creature - Frustrated Analogue

forest creature / frustrated analogue
blackest rainbow records 
september 2009
'Frustrated Analogue is some fantastically twisted, blissed out, synth heavy electronic psychedelia, repetitive, hypnotic, spaced out, warped and glitchy, drone-y and rhythmic, moody and mysterious, a dizzying melding of This Heat, Goblin, John Carpenter, old Warp Records 12"s, early Chain Reaction, modern synthdrone, early analogue synth music... Way way recommended. Easily one of our new favorites' - Aquarius Records  

Buy Record & other Forest Creature Releases here

Additive Forms w/Richard Sides

Additive Forms
w/ Richard Sides
Prism / The Showroom
November 2008

Decay - Regeneration Song


In September 2008 I feautured in a documentary called Regeneration Song produced by Sort Of...Films, the film focusses on artists, musicians and trades that operated in Stag Works in Sheffield, I was actually based at Portland Works at the time which backs onto Stag Works, so it was close enough.

Make Shift / S1

July 2008

Project Biennale

Paper Pages - Project Biennale

No drawing
No colour
No writing
No construction
No painting
No 3D

Produced for Yan Geat Cheng in collaboration with Wimbledon School of Art and Sheffield Hallam University

April 2008

What We Did Instead

Untitled Installation
What We Did Instead Degree Show
SHU Psalter Lane
June 2007

Free? / 32,500 Metres / Victoria Baths

32,500 Metres
Victoria Baths, Manchester

April - May 2007

32,500 Metres was a  group exhibition at Victoria Baths in Manchester, my piece consisted of three screens located in the basement of the baths involving silent jazz musicians , a very loud video recording of an improvised jazz performance and a third screen was visualising the sound. 

Other exhibiting artists included Thom O'Nions, Nikki Grout, Richard Sides, Sarah Hughes, Jack Fabian, Dave Green, Charlotte A Morgan.